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Modding Applications Part 3: KeenWright
Author: xtraverseDate: February 1st, 2004
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Here's a nice dos keen level editor. There's a beta windows version out but it's rather buggy.

Let’s start with the menu. Here’s what it looks like:

Menu OptionHotkey (to use while editing)Description
New LevelF4Well, it allows you to make a new level. It then brings up a size dialog. You can make the width or height a maximum of 170 tiles, but the product cannot exceed 25000 without strange and bad effects in both KeenWright and the game.
Open LevelF3Open another Keen level of the current tileset (see below).
Save LevelF2Saves the current level with the extension of the current tileset.
Save Level asShift+F2Same as the above, but allows you to change the filename.
Level OverviewF5Shows a thumbnail of the level w/o sprites. (NOT YET FUNCTIONAL)
Level StatisticsF6Shows the total score possible in the level, the amount of each point, and the amount of rayguns and sprites.
Change TilesetF7Select the tileset of either Commander Keen 1, 2, or 3.
Resume EditingNonePretty self-explanatory…
About the EditorNone(NOT YET FUNCTIONAL)
HelpF1In-game help (NOT YET FUNCTIONAL)

Now it’s time to start editing!

Here’s what the editing screen looks like:

You can maneuver around using the arrow keys.

There are four active tiles in KeenWright, your main, Z, X, and C. Here’s how you use them:
ActionMain TileTile ZTile XTile C
Pick up tile under cursorPeriod (.)Ctrl-ZCtrl-XCtrl-C
Place tileSpaceZXC
Change tile- / +N/AN/AN/A
Make LinePressing L starts the line, then move the cursor to where you want the end of the line.N/AN/AN/A
Make RectanglePressing R starts one corner, then move the cursor to where you want the other corner.N/AN/AN/A
FillPressing F fills the area the cursor is in with this tileN/AN/AN/A

By pressing T you will bring up the following window you can scroll around with the arrow keys. The Z, X, and C keys will set the respective tile to the tile under the cursor. Pressing enter will set your main tile to the tile under the cursor and quits the window (ESC also quits).

Sprites are all of the enemies, creatures, and Keen himself. Here’s how to work them:

SBrings up a window where you can select one of the commonly used sprites or enter in your own.
APlace the selected sprite down under the cursor.
Shift-ADeletes any sprite under the cursor.
Ctrl-APicks up the sprite under the cursor and the selected sprite.
KPlaces Commander Keen at the cursor, which can also be placed using sprite 255.

To make a bridge, get the x and y coordinate of the left or right end of the bridge as XX and YY. Convert these numbers into hex code and put them together as XXHYYH (The H symbolizes hex.) Enter this into KeenWright as a custom sprite &HXXYY and place that sprite on the switch that toggles the bridge. When that switch is turned on, a bridge will start at your coordinates and fill all of the tiles to the right or the left of it as the bridge tile until it reaches a tile that is not the same type of tile as it was filling.

There are a few more things worthy of mentioning:

Press Escape to go to the Main Menu.

The G key toggles a grid.

The M key toggles map mode, which sets whether the level is interpreted as a map level or not. If Level80 is opened, map mode is automatically turned on. On map mode, all sprites appear as a yellow box around the tile that it is on.

To create a level, place the sprite that is the number of the level where you want it. If you want to have part of a level block Keen until he beats it, add an asterisk (*) to the end of the sprite number on the blocking tiles.

Here’s what map mode looks like:

If you want to edit the background of the title screen, and other screens such as the about ID screen, edit the file LEVEL90.

If you want to edit the setting where the end of the games take place (not the still bitmaps, but where Keen flies around in ships and stuff like that), edit the file LEVEL81.

Some notes about editing Keen 1:

The two main teleports on the world map should be at coordinates 26, 4 and 34, 3

The secret teleport on the world map should be at coordinates 60, 35.

At the end of the game Keen returns to coordinates 9, 31 on the world map.

Some notes about editing Keen 3:

Destroying the heart will:

• end the current level

• explode the tiles from 6,1 to 14,16

• turn those tiles to the wallpaper tile

The only way to stop the moving leg things in Mort’s machine is the specific floor tile that is used in that level.

Beating level 16 triggers the end of the game.

That’s all, so have fun!

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