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Modding Applications Part 4: TileInfo
Author: xtraverseDate: February 1st, 2004
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TileInfo is a very useful program for editing Keens 1-3. It allows you to change the statistics and behaviors of every tile in the game. Let’s go through its features:

Here is an example of its interface:

The load tiles button allows you to select a bitmap you want to load. You must load an XTIL0000.BMP where X is the number of the episode, and this was a bitmap that you created with the help of ModKeen.

The import button will import data from a KeenX.exe where X is the game number. The exe must be decompressed with UNLZEXE first.

Open allows you to open a .tli file you have saved. We’ll get to that later.

Save allows you to save a .tli file (surprise!) and will automatically create a .pat file of the same name that will allow you to patch your Keen exe with CKPatch.

The last button, export DAT, exports a file for KeenWright that overwrites all the tile pictures with your tiles.

Now lets get to editing. The left area displays your tile bitmap, in which you can scroll up and down and select any 16 by 16 pixel tile. The selected tile will have a red box around it. A large picture of that tile should appear on the right. This will be your active tile which you can change settings for.

VERY IMPORTANT: For saving and exporting to KeenWright, make sure you have the correct episode selected in the episode dropdown.

Now what are those things around your active tile? Let’s start at the top. You’ll see a dropdown list that will give you four options: Nothing, Blocking, Smooth, and Ice. Nothing means that Keen can move right through the top. Blocking will make Keen able to walk on the top. Smooth allows Keen to walk on top but he will slide a little (like the bluish boxes in Keen 1). Ice means Keen can only slide across the top (like the ice in Keen 1).

The other three sides of a tile can only be a nothing (button up) or a blocking (button pressed). For example, if you wanted to make and entirely solid block, the three buttons should be pressed and the dropdown should be set to solid.

Below your active tile is the dropdown menu General Behavior. Here's a table with information about each item: (A # indicates that that particular behavior works properly for the episode of the column that it's in.)

Nothing###What can you say…nothing happens when you touch it
Kills###Like the fire in Keen 1, it will kill you (duh..)
Doors 1-4###These are the doors that you need keys to get past, a different color, for each number. You should make door tiles be blocking on the top and bottom.
X Points###Pretty self-explanatory, gives you the amount of points it says.
Joystick, Battery, Vacuum, Whiskey#  The four items you need to get in Keen 1.
Raygun###Gives you five ammo
Pogo Stick#  I think this works properly in episodes two and three, but it won’t do anything when you get it.
Exit Door###This makes the exit of your level, and should only be used for the left non-top tiles of your exit door.
Keycards 1-4###These correspond to doors 1-4 and allow you to get through them.
Message Popup###Colliding with this tile will bring up a message box such as the yorp statues in Keen 1. You’ll get a blank message box unless you put this tile only in the following levels:

Keen 1: 2, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 15

Keen 2: 8 and 10

Keen 3: none
Light Switch###Dims all of the tiles and sprites in the level, and in Keen 2, no Vorticons will jump if the lights are off.
Teleport#  This crashes the game in Keens 2 and 3 but in Keen 1, it brings you to predetermined coordinates on the world map (by default 60,35).
Switch On/Off # Used for toggling bridges and blowing up the world in Keen 2. Bridges may actually work in Keens 1 and 3, but I don’t know at the moment.
Ankh  #Gives you ten seconds of invincibility and is cumulative. It will crash the game in anything but Keen 3.
Single Bullet  #Just what it says, gives you one bullet, but only in Keen 3. It crashes Keens 1 and 2.
Masked###A masked tile is a type of foreground where only certain areas of the tile appear in front of Keen. This is a collection of masked tiles. Only the actual picture tile gets the masked setting. Immediately after the picture tile should be another tile which the game will read as the “mask.” Anything black will appear in front of Keen and anything white will appear behind him. By putting in other colors you can get very strange and cool effects which you’ll have to try out yourself. You cannot animate masked tiles.
Foreground.###The entirety of this tile will appear in front of Keen. There is no need for a mask.

The last dropdown menu is Animation. You can choose no animation, or two or four frames. The frames must be in succession and all have the same animation setting. If you make different frames have different properties, you won’t get the results you want.

For example, if you make a two frame animation in which the first frame is set to nothing and the second frame is set to kill, if you place the first frame in a level it will never do anything, even if it is on the kill frame. The same goes for if you place the second frame in a level. It will kill no matter which frame it is on.

That’s it, hope you understand TileInfo now

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