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Modding Applications Part 5: Command, Fin2Bmp, Screenthief, and UNLZEXE
Author: xtraverseDate: February 1st, 2004
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Command Prompt

The command prompt is the DOS platform basically, and it’s used for a few of the processes in editing Keen.

To begin, go to start >> run. Type in “command” (without the quotes) and hit OK. If you're in Windows XP or 2000, you should type in “cmd” (without the quotes) instead.

It will show you the path of the address you’re at. Type in “DIR”. This will show you the contents of the directory you are in. If you want to change drives, simply type the drive letter and a colon, such as “D:”.

To maneuver around from folder to folder, use the following command line.

cd folder\subfolder

You can make that as long as you want and go through as many folders as you wish. If you want to go back a folder, use the following command line:

cd ..

If you want to open a file, make sure you’re in the right directory and then type in the file’s name. If you aren’t in the directory, type in the address of the file relative to where you are and a slash before the name of the file.

There’s a lot more you can learn about the Command Prompt, but nothing else necessary for editing Keen. Remember you can quit by simply typing “exit”.


Fin2Bmp is a very simple program that allows you to change the picture in any of the finale.ckx files or preview1.ck1 or preview2.ck1.

You have to use command prompt to work it.

Here is the usage:

To export:

Fin2Bmp –b finale.ckx output.bmp

To import:

Fin2Bmp –f input.bmp finale.ckx

There’s one problem with this program. When message boxes that are over your bitmap disappear during the finale, they’ll leave blank space where they were, unlike the original endings. I guess you’ll just have to plan ahead for that. You can use patching however to determine what color the blank space will be.

That’s it!


If ever you wanted a screenshot from a DOS program such as Commander Keen, you’ll need to use Screenthief. Unfortunately, there is no simple way to do this.

First, go to command, and go to the folder Screenthief is in (this process would be easier if Screenthief was in the same folder as your program that you’re taking screenshots of).

Now type in the following command line:

st /shifts:NONE /compression:OFF /key:F12

Screenthief should load and you should be all set. Just type enter your program now, STAYING IN THE SAME COMMAND WINDOW.

Whenever you need to take a screenshot, press F12.


Used to decompress an exe that was lz-compressed. Necessary for using TedEdit.

To use, simply drag the exe you want to decompress onto UNLZEXE, and it will decompress the exe, and leave a copy of the compressed exe with the extention .olz.

posted by: Fordka
on 12.31.05
Screen Theif is useless. I mean a programe that kindof complicated to use when with out it you just press a key ONE KEY to take a snapshot! So don't waste your time setting up screen theif, Just Press a key!
PS the key is "Prt SC" Usualy Located near These Keys "Insert, Home, Page Up, Delete, End, Page Down" 
posted by: Irwin_91
on 05.02.06
Hey, buddy. Do you seriously think that the developers would have wasted their time making this program if they knew that PRT SCRN didn't work on most DOS games? Go ahead, try PRT SCRN on Commander Keen...  

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