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Author: DruDate: March 11th, 2005
Views: 3662Rating: 7

A Great GameMaker From Mark Overmars.

Better than Klick n' Play or Games Factory,
This has much better capabilities,
Its free,
it has a built in programming language,
GML (Game Maker Language)
its very easy to learn.
The games you can make are limitless.
You can incorporate music,help files,movies and text files.
you can also create .Exes.
for one small exeption,
it shows a very small logo in the top left hand corner (Game maker 5.0a)
but with Gm 6 it has a banner at the top when you load the game.
the logo only shows for a period of 5 seconds when you load the game and is not shown during the game or when you quit the game.
and you can make any type of game!
The possibilites are endless!
Download It Today!

posted by: xtraverse
on 04.25.05
Completely useless article, we aren't interested in shameless plugs here. 
posted by: Ro@m
on 06.03.05
whatbthe hell sould be that! 
posted by: Fordka
on 12.31.05
OK I use game maker and you guys are limmited to DOS games so use game maker because you can create 3D Games on it and it's soooo simple PS buy the programe to get the logo off when the game loads the price is $20 or 15 euro.

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