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Modkeen in WinXP: A tutorial which never fails
Author: najawaDate: December 15th, 2005
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In my first year of Commander Keen, I have already taken a few steps of my own to make my modding life much easier then one might at first assume possible.

In this article, I will specify a certian way to make modkeen work under Windows XP, even when you have "Tried everything."

1) Copy your Modkeen files into your Keen directory.

2) Open up notepad, and enter the following:
"modkeen -episode=X -export"
(Where "X" is the episode you are using)

3) Save as "Import.bat" in your Keen directory

4) Now, run "Import.bat" to export the Keen files

5) Right click on "Import.bat" and choose "edit" from the menu

6) Erase everything, and instead, write:
"modkeen -episode=X -export"
(Where "X" is the episode you are using)

7) Now you may use "Import.bat" to import any graphics you may change. This is handy for quick edits to sprites, and tiles

Note: This will work under any Windows OS, but is the most useful to those running Windows XP.

I hope this is useful to you as well!

-- NAJAWA --

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