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A New Way to Play?
Author: KeenRushDate: October 31st, 2003
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Are you tired of playing the same Keen levels over and over again? You shouldn't, because Keen is the best thing human has ever made. But in case you are, here are some tips that can improve your Keening time - make your Keenin' more fun and interesting.

Basically, try to do something special. Something that you haven't done ever before. Often this means that you somehow limit your playing, that you aren't possible to play as well as before. The first step is to play with harder difficulty level. Then, not to save. But after these you can start searching for a new way to play - something unique.

There are many ways to enjoy Keen, below I tell you some of them. (Or all that came to my mind while writing this crazy article.) After knowing some you can easily make up some of your own.

Playing with one hand. Yeah, you heard right! I've done this sometimes, even managed to finish Keen 4-6 with it. (Keen 3 would be impossible for me with one hand, I think!) With this gaming style you can only use your other hand - choose left or right. I played with right. Soon you can notice how even the first level can be quite hard with easy mode on. Also, it can be good practice - who knows when you lose your other hand somewhere.

Pogoing all the time. Yes, try to pogo all the time. It may be necessarily to stop bouncing somewhere, or Keen stops himself (for example when you use door gem in Keen 4-6 and so on). When playing Keen 1 go to grab the pogo as soon as you can!

Don't shoot! Try playing without shooting anything. My favourite is Keen 5 with this way. Select hard difficulty and go. It's awesome to jump a cool pogo trick backwards, collect some goodies, and see how volte-face zaps under you and sparky approaches... Also, do not try to avoid your big red friends. But avoid their ammo, that's pretty fun. You can have a lot of fun with different creatures there are. Notice that you maybe have to shoot somewhere to finish the level, for example in Keen 4 you may need to shoot a slug or two to get past of them if they are somewhere where you can't jump over or go below.
Also, don't squish the skypests!

Min or max. For example try to collect every goodie possible, or as few as possible.

Timed zone. Take a look at the clock while you play. Try to finish the game as fast as you can. Try beating your records. Show your results to your friends (in case you have), and let them try to beat them. Though, I think they would probably try to beat you instead of beating Keen levels. Seems that many doesn't like it anymore these days...

Tricks. Try doing all kinds of tricks all the time while playing. Impossible bullet, pogoing backwards, cool jumps...

Oh, and when you have done all this some thousand times, you can take a look at those wonderful Commander Keen modifications! And maybe try some fan games, in case you don't get entirely hooked with the mods.

Billy says: "play keen eight days a week yeah"

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