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A Modder's Guide Part 2: Using ModKeen
Author: Joseph BurkeDate: October 31st, 2002
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Last month we covered how to use Andrew's Keen1-3 level editor, and this moth we'll talk about ModKeen. Anyway here are the files you'll need this time.

(I recommend downloading these files now.)

TedEdit (contains misc files for editing)

ModKeen (created by Andrew)

TileInfo (created by Andrew)

Make a directory somewhere on your computer and name it "modkeen," I chose to put mine here, "c:\modkeen\". Now open the "" and take the file "modkeen.exe" and put it into the modkeen folder. Then go to your Keen1 folder and copy all the files there into the modkeen folder. The program modkeen is used to extract and import graphics from Keen1-3, however before we run modkeen lets decompress "keen1.exe" and do a few other things. (Decompressing keen1.exe isn't necessary to running modkeen, I just want it out of the way.)

Make a temporary folder and place a copy of "Keen1.exe" into it. Then from the "" take the files, "UNLZEXE.EXE, and UNLZEXE" and place them in the folder too. Run "UNLZEXE.EXE" and in the window that comes up type Keen1 or whatever Keen# you want to decompress. Take the new Keen1.exe and replace the one in the modkeen folder with it, you can delete that temporary folder now too.

We need to use a Command Prompt to run modkeen so lets open one. In Windows XP the Command Prompt is located at this address on the Start menu "programs\accessory\command prompt". (If it's not there do a search on your computer for cmd.exe, and run it.) After the prompt is open type in cd\ and press enter/return; the command cd stands for change directory and we just told it to exit out of any directory that we might have started in. Then type cd modkeen, which opens the modkeen folder on the C drive. Since modkeen will be extracting a lot of graphics we need to create a place for all those files, to do this we'll use the command md make directory. Type, md pics and press enter. (You can name the directory whatever you want.)

Finally we can run modkeen!

To export graphics we type, modkeen -export –episode=1 –bmpdir="pics" and to import we type,
modkeen -import –episode=1 –bmpdir="pics". This commandline is fairly self-explanatory. Now you can edit all the graphics for Keen1 except the ending screen, I'll probably cover editing it in the next article.

Now we'll talk about a cool utility called TileInfo, that's used to do two different things. The first thing it will do is replace the graphics used for KeenWright so you can make levels using the tiles you designed. Second, and it's primary, purpose is to change the properties of the tiles for Keen1-3. Open "" and move the file "tileinfo.exe" into a subdirectory in modkeen. Then move a copy the decompressed "keen1.exe" into it's folder and copy the file "1TIL0000.bmp" from the pics folder into it too. Now run "tileinfo.exe" and click on the button titled "load tiles," and select "1TIL0000.bmp". Okay so now you can see all the tiles and select any of them with your mouse, when you select a tile it will show you what it knows about that tile on the right. At the moment none of the tiles have any properties other than what number they are, to get their properties click the button at the top titled "import" and select the "keen1.exe". Now all the tiles have the properties that they do in Keen1. BTW (by the way) this wouldn't have work unless we decompressed that exe as we did before.

Lets say you've replaced some of the tiles for Keen1 and using TileInfo want to export them to replace the graphics in KeenWright. First copy the file "KEENEDIT.DAT" from KeenWrights folder into the folder tileinfo. Then in the upper right corner of the program Tileinfo choose the button that reads, "export dat" and select "KEENEDIT.DAT" then press enter. Then just replace the old "KEENEDIT.DAT" with the new one.

That's all for the MOD related articles this month, short than last months but there really isn't much to importing and exporting stuff using modkeen. Next month we'll conclude our use with TileInfo and probably talk about the ending screen. The month after I may instruct you as best I can with some of the concepts behind making tiles and a tad on animation; at bests it'll be simple advice with some step to step visuals.

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