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Cosmo's Cosmic Adventures
Well I'm sure you want to download the game, right? Here's the shareware episode version 1.2.

Download Version 1.0 - 492 kb
Download Version 1.2 - 583 kb

Wombat Game Tools 0.1 - szevvy
This brilliant classic game tool looks very promising. It's plans are to be able to export/import the graphics, sounds, music, and other important files from all common classic DOS games. It even plans to be able to view the levels of the games. Right now it's in beta, but viewing and extracting graphics from Cosmo is almost completely bug-free, as are the routines for many of the other games. This is well worth your time downloading. You can also edit tiles of Cosmo and reimport. Editing the images and sprites are soon to come.

Visit Site

CosEdit - jazzie40
This is the first graphical level editor for Cosmo. It's a fully functional and pretty easy to use DOS editor, although it appears to have a bug with a sprite limit and not reading the bottom row of tiles in a level properly. It's still in a usable condition however, and it's definitely the best choice when it comes to editing Cosmo levels.

Download - 124 kb

Cosmo Edit 1.0 - David Bollinger
This was the first Cosmo editor to exist. It is hard to use as it has a text display and it describes itself as "a level editor that should really only be used as a level viewer." Visit the site for more details here.

Download - 21 kb

NewCosmo3 1.02 - Paal Olstad
The only existing fanmade level pack for Cosmo. Visit Paal's site here for more information.


Download - 402 kb

This utility plays the sound for a number of classic games, including Cosmo. It has been superceded by Wombat Game Tools, see the first download on this page for details.

Download - 34 kb

CosmoSee - Frenkel
This is a couple of utilites you can use to view the pictures from Cosmo. This download only includes the source (one file in C, two in BASIC). It has been superceded by Wombat Game Tools, however the source in this download may still be useful to those curious.

Download - 3 kb

This utility can extract the compacted files of a number of classic games. It has been superceded by Wombat Game Tools.

Download - 32 kb (original DOS commandline version by Frenkel)
Download - 80 kb (Windows version by Adam Biser)

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