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Zonk's Dictionary
Cheats and Hints

EnemyNameFirst SeenHits to KillDescription
BirdC1 L33These annoying birds follow you across the level, but luckily they cannot move up or down. Try and kill them when they're still perched and can't do much to defend themselves.
BirdheadC1 L33This annoying thing constantly shoots small pellets at you, but if you're above it, you're safe.
Blue BallC1 L22These annoying blue-colored orbs either coming parachuting out of the sky or rolling towards you from all directions. Luckily, if you bounce on one when it's falling, you get a bonus 12800 points, and if you bounce on one while it's rolling you get a bonus 3200 points.
BossC1 L1010This crazy purple guy hovers around in his ship not really doing much else. As long as you bounce on top of him he should be very easy to kill.
Bounce BotC1 L7only can be killed by bombingThis guy can't be killed and shoots at you, but he can help you get to high places.
Carnivorous PlantC1 L4can't be killedJump in this toothy thing to finish level 4 of Cosmo 1.
ClamC1 L5only can be killed by bombingWatch out for these annoying pests. They not only hurt you but make annoying noises.
DragonflyC1 L2only can be killed by bombingThis mysterious creature flies around across levels, and can be very useful as a transport.
EggC2 L21Jump on this odd thing to release a mini-ghost.
GhostC1 L44These pesty creatures follow you around only when you're not looking. Bounce on them four times to turn them into a mini-ghost.
Green GuyC1 L91This odd guy lunges at you when you get near him. One bounce atop the head will set him straight.
Green SlugC1 L8/Bonus3These hovering slugs are really valuble--every time you bounce on them they release a random point item.
Hoppy LegC2 L27This is probably the scariest enemy in Cosmo--they jump very high, and are quite difficult to kill.
Leaf StalkC1 L3only can be killed by bombingIf you jump just right, you can bounce of the top of these living plants without getting hurt.
Metal SpikeC1 L7only can be killed by bombingJump over this nasty machine or you'll be nursing a new wound.
Mini-GhostC1 L41A tiny, bouncing ghost that can be either ignored or killed.
MonsterC1 L11can't be killedJump into this creature's mouth to finish off a level.
MoonC1 L44These stationary objects help you get places and also give you 50,000 points every 10th bounce.
Mr. ConeheadC1 L10only can be killed by bombingThese small pointy things bounce from wall to wall, making it hard to jump past.
Purple SlugC1 L21Bouncing on this thing turns it into dangerous goo, so it might be better to blow it up.
Red GuyC1 L11This is the first enemy you encounter on the forbidden planet. It walks around and growls once in a while.
Rock DudeC1 L5only can be killed by bombingWalk under these creatures fast, or they'll smash you to smithereens. A correctly-timed bomb will do them their justice.
Shadow ManC1 L73This man starts out as a shadow, but bouncing him a few times reveals that he's made of metal. Don't get too close to him--he won't hurt you, but he'll push you pretty far.
SpitheadC1 L5only can be killed by bombingThis nasty pests spit pellets at you and can't be killed without a bomb--since they live on walls, it's rather hard to bomb them.
TearC1 L6only can be killed by bombingThis guy bounces in and out of the ground, and may take you by surprise.
TulipC1 L3can be bombed but regeneratesThis odd plant launches blue balls out of it frequently, but it can also launch Cosmo if he jumps in. Use two bombs to destroy it.
Up-DownC1 L52This blue and yellow creature walks on both the ceiling and floor. Watch out when it switches from one to another.
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