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Zonk's Dictionary
Cheats and Hints

F10 + C + 0: Full health, full bombs, works once per game.

F12 + TAB + DEL: Activates Debug Mode.

When Debug Mode is active, you can use the following cheats:
F10 + G: Toggle God Mode.
F10 + M: View memory usage.
F10 + W: Warp to a level.

Using apogee as a command line parameter will temporarily force the Simpsons invade your high scores, not recognize save games, and, if you die just after entering a level, you will become invincible.

Here's a list of the various ways to get bonus points in Cosmo:
  • Bomb 15 eye plants (bombing an eye plant also gives you back your bomb) - 50,000 points
  • Bouncing ten times on moons - 50,000 points
  • Destroying all crates in a level - 50,000 points
  • Blowing up a hint orb - 12,800 points
  • Bouncing on a blue ball while it's falling - 12,800 points

Various useful objects are also hidden in some levels:
  • You can find a hidden hover-scooter in level 3 of Cosmo 1 and levels 1, 5, and 8 of Cosmo 3
  • There's a hamburger hidden in many places - levels 5 and 9 of Cosmo 1, levels 7 and 9 of Cosmo 2, and levels 1 and 8 of Cosmo 3
  • Blow this up with two bombs in level 5 of Cosmo 1 to get a hamburger
  • Duke Nukem is trapped in ice in a secret area of level 7 of Cosmo 2. Bomb the ice to free him, and he'll blast off and give you a hamburger
    Here's the conversation Duke and Cosmo exchange:
    Cosmo: Yikes! Who are you?
    Duke: I'm Duke Nukum, green alien dude. Until you rescued me, I was stopped cold by an alien invasion force.
    Cosmo: Wow! Can you help rescue my parents?
    Duke: Sorry, kid, I've got to save the galaxy... ...but I can give you something that will help you out.
    Cosmo: Thanks, Mr. Nukum, and good luck on your Mission.
    Duke: Just look for me in my next exciting adventure, Duke Nukum II!
    Cosmo: Bye.
    Duke: See ya... and have those spots checked...!
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