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S&F Prod's Cosmo Site - - The Cosmo section of Frenkel's brilliant classic games site.

NewCosmo - - The homepage of the first new set of levels ever made for Cosmo

It's not a terrible game; it only seems that way when you play it - - A rather cynical but comical site going into heavy detail on every last detail of the first episode of cosmo.

CosEdit - - This isn't much of a website, mainly just a download link for CosEdit

Forbidden Planet Online - - This looked like it would be a promising Cosmo fansite, but unfortunately it has very little content and hasn't been updated in ages.

Dook Nookim Klassik - - A guy that was obsessed with Duke Nukem also made a text level editor for Cosmo.

Lon Matero's Apogee Page - - This guy made a website with information about a number of Apogee games, Cosmo included.

3D Realms Cosmo Page - - The "official" Cosmo website.

Cosmo Fansite - - Another Cosmo fansite that came and went. The site itself went down a little while ago, and you can only find scattered information in the archives.
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