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XkyRauh's review (8)

Kidnapped Keen
Author: ceilickDate: October 10th, 2004
Downloads: 1062Rating: 7.75
Download: Here! (190 kb)Category: Commander Keen >> Modifications
Episode: Keen 1 

This is an interesting mod. Keen and his pet yorp have been kidnapped and are trying to escape. The odd thing is the yorp is now part of the Keen sprite, however it can't collide with anything so it's easier to play the game pretending it's not there. Apart from that, pretty good levels and nice artwork are combined to make a fun mod.


posted by: Stupid Bunny
on 04.01.06
I thought this was cool...however, the player's sprite includes Norp, who doesn't actually do anything. This makes miscalculations easy.
Still, an impressive piece of work! 
posted by: CommanderKeen99
on 10.11.06
Awesome game!!!! 

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