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UnFleexable's review (7.75)

Review of Bad Dreams by XkyRauh
Overall Rating: 7

LevelLord's really out-done herself this time: this mod is awesome. Forget the glitches, forget the ripped graphics... just look at the lolipops. Seriously, check 'em out. These guys are the most fearsome Garg replacements ever. EVER! I love these little guys, they make the whole thing worth playing.

So far as I can tell, this mod is a lot like "Dangerous Keen in the Haunted Mansion" in the sense that it's really intended for fans of the game it was based on. As such, if you liked Keen Dreams, then this mod is for you--if you thought Keen Dreams was a stupid waste of time, best to steer clear.

Love it or hate it, those lolipops are too cool for words. :-D

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