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Keen Makeover
Author: Geoff SimsDate: October 10th, 2004
Downloads: 1059Rating:
Download: Here! (968 kb)Category: Commander Keen >> Applications

This is a Windows-based level editor for Keens 1-3, however it includes tons of bugs, and is pretty much useless for editing Keen 2, although it supports the first three games. If you get an error when you try to save, one solution that works a lot is the following: open the file sprites.txt in the KMO folder and subtract 1 from the first number. Save it and then manually run the Ksave.exe file. This may solve the problem. I would suggest using one of the two below level editors though.

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posted by: Stupid Bunny
on 04.07.06
Put simply, it doesn't work. 

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