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Stupid Bunny's review (9.5)

Review of Commander Keen: Episode Dash by Quirky Moron
Overall Rating: 9.25

This mod is one of the best ones out there! (if not the best:-) ) However, the stop watches are a bit annoying. But the way the Spadlings shoot is cool, and the Trininjas are really cool. But one of the coolest parts is the volcano, which is a clever replacement for the vortikid. However the meep replacement is a bit weird. But, I really like the end screen.


Story: 9/10: An intergalatic game show? That's a bit weird in my opinion, but hey, it's pretty darn original.
Graphics: 10/10: Man, those graphics are good, and the sky effect is pretty cool, but the trees are really cool, and the same for the Trininjas, Spadlings, and the grunt replacement ( I forgot the name- D'oh!).
Levels: 9.5: Really wacked-out levels and cool ideas and designs. Not to mention the volcano level :-).
Keenishness: 8.75: Some how, keen participating in a game show doesn't quite seem keenish. But hey, the rest of it is quite keenish.
Total:9.3152/10 closest equivelent:9.25/10
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