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Stupid Bunny's review (7)

Commander Keen: Episode Smile
Author: KeenRushDate: January 7th, 2005
Downloads: 994Rating: 7
Download: Here! (106 kb)Category: Commander Keen >> Modifications
Episode: Keen 2 

A super cool mod that receives the award for hardest levels ever.


posted by: XkyRauh
on 04.04.05
This mod was a long, long time in the making, and the wait was worth it--if you've got an insatiable appetite for pain. KeenRush is by far the most insane Keen player we've got in the community, and despite his insistance that these levels are possible without cheats, I can't help but shake my head. I barely got half-way through this, but the intricacy, pacing, and depth of these levels is awestriking. 

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