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Where's My Pogo?
Author: xtraverseDate: October 10th, 2004
Downloads: 756Rating: 5.5
Download: Here! (1421 kb)Category: Commander Keen >> Games

Here's a very strange game I made a loooong time ago. I'll admit, it is pretty bad, but on the plus it didn't rip graphics from the original keen games. It's really just a random compilation of random levels. The engine is pretty bad, although it's better than a lot on this site. It can get frustrating at times, so I'll give you the passwords: ckdabomb, morpheus, mushroom, bluegem, vision, jumble, dragnuke, iceland, hotdry. Learn to cheat: flofly. Secret level: secbluet. Exit of secret level: seizure.


posted by: Harvey
on 08.26.05
This is an okay game. 

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