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najawa's review (8.75)

All the Vorticons made into keen 4 sprites
Author: FordkaDate: January 2nd, 2006
Downloads: 0Rating: 9.37
Download: Here! (0 kb)Category: Commander Keen >> Miscellaneous

Take the Screenshots and save them to a file to save time. it's quicker than a download! Besides these are just sprites anyway... This file contains all the vorticons (except the mother one) Jumping, Standing, Shooting. If you use these just give me credit.. Credit should be made to "James Behr"
Thanks, Fordka.
PS. there is probbaly no download so use da screenshot thing
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The download link is a link to my hosting site and is a pic. So when the picture loads right click it, then choose "save target as" or "save picture as".


posted by: najawa
on 01.01.06
Nothing works: Remember; there are 2 kinds of links; absolute, and relative. And absolute link starts with http://, otherwise, it is a relative link. if you wanted to use a link on the front page to get here, you'd type <a href="download/354">Click Here</a>. That is relative to the front page. If you, on this page, wanted to link back to the homepage, if you went go <a href="">Home</a>, you'd go to the link: . The link doesn't start with http://, so it is relative to this page. Please fix it so we can enjoy your downloads!


-- NAJAWA -- 
posted by: Fordka
on 01.02.06
If the screenshot link does not work go to 
posted by: najawa
on 01.03.06
Very Cute!!! I like it!!! 
posted by: Fordka
on 01.19.06
I am now changing this download to make it a zip file so now every image is in it's own frame!
posted by: Stupid Bunny
on 04.07.06

These are great!


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