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BBalazs's review (5)

Super Keen Fighter Classic (2 & 3)
Author: NickssoftDate: January 20th, 2006
Downloads: 112Rating: 4.81
Download: Here! (0 kb)Category: Commander Keen >> Games

Super Keen Fighter 2
Super Keen Fighter 3: Mortimers Revenge

Both Games Combined In 1 Package with Bonus Material
Original Release Dates: July 12th 2002, October 12th 2002

Super Keen Fighter 3 Introduction

After making it to the Vorticon finals, you suddenly meet Mortimer he has now joined the competition, with 11 other characters to play as! Play as 12 characters including Mortimer, Keen and Garg! Also new Digitial Sound Track and Multiplayer Play includes Death Match, Capture The Flag
and Team play! It will blow your mind!

-12 Characters
-New Digital Sound!
-New Multiplayer Support!
-Nominated for Best Fan Game in the Keen Awards 2003

Super Keen Fighter 2 Introduction

Bzzt....Your listening to Vortion News, the best news in this universe, Todays top story tryouts for the Vorticon championship belt are being held Bzzt.. You must fight your way to be the Vorticon champion! Play as 8 different Commander Keen characters including Keen!

-Each character has there own unique moves!
-8 Characters
-Different backdrops, music for each character
-Each character has there own unique moves!

No Screenshots

posted by: Stupid Bunny
on 03.31.06
The concept is good, but the gameplay is awful. I'm glad there's a sequel.

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