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Stupid Bunny's review (1.25)

Vorticon World
Author: Steaver370Date: October 10th, 2004
Downloads: 792Rating: 1.25
Download: Here! (384 kb)Category: Commander Keen >> Discontinued Games

This game is right down there with CK Codename:13 (maybe even worse). You play as a series of numerous Vorticons, but the story, graphics, level design, title screen, and everything else are miserably pathetic. It has a save feature, but since there's no score, enemies or anything to keep track of, it just saves the level you were previously on, working the same way as a password system. Also, it forces you to save the game with a filename the same as a type of Pokemon, depending on what level you're on. Could anything be worse? Sadly, the rest of the game itself is...


posted by: Harvey
on 02.26.06
This game is horrible enough to avoid entirely. 

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