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Norp the Yorp in: Inside Mortimer's Computer
Author: xtraverseDate: October 10th, 2004
Downloads: 1225Rating: 6
Download: Here! (131 kb)Category: Commander Keen >> Modifications
Episode: Keen 1 

This mod was made by me, and you get to play as a yorp. You get sucked into Mortimer's computer, and have to steal four vital chips to break his computer which is destroying Mars. It's not the best mod, but it has the Keen 1 style. I do plan on improving sometime soon. Some of the levels are very hard.


posted by: PhAyzoN
on 03.06.05
posted by: StupidBunny
on 06.16.06
This is a pretty good mod, with a number of interesting concepts. It's pretty hard, and some of the graphics are a little crude, but this is one that I like overall. 

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