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TitleAuthorCategoryDownloadsDate AddedRating
Commander Keen: Earth's ChaosSuperadammario64Discontinued Game1178October 10th, 20044.5
PatchotronxtraverseApplication1172January 25th, 2005
Real Keen Player 1therealdopefishGame1170October 10th, 20044.87
Quick Basic KeenKevin WellwoodGame1168October 10th, 20047.5
Commander Keen 0ElecDude33Modification1165October 10th, 20045
Commander Keen AndromedaJoe CapricornGame Demo1155October 10th, 20045.25
Commander Keen: The Last MoonallstoriesModification1145October 10th, 20047
Commander Keen: Episode Y - Extra DarkGrelphyModification1132October 10th, 20046.5
Commander Keen Learns to DriveCrazy KeenGame1132October 10th, 20046
Norp the Yorp in: DiffusionxtraverseModification1126October 10th, 20047.25
Commander Keen 7vVolte-FaceDiscontinued Game1114October 10th, 20043.5
Dopefish Forever!Chris GerouxGame1111October 10th, 20047.08
Bloog Dunking BoothThe Soggy MopGame1101October 10th, 20041.37
Norp the Yorp in: Brain DamagextraverseModification1099October 10th, 20047.37
Commander Keen Title FontBr1ckMiscellaneous1093October 10th, 2004
TileInfoadurdinApplication1086January 25th, 2005
A. R.'s 1st LevelpakA. R.Levelpack1085October 12th, 2004
Kidnapped KeenceilickModification1083October 10th, 20047.75
KeenIMFunknownAudio1082October 10th, 2004
Keen Crash on Gobo IIIceilickModification1080October 10th, 20043.5
ChargingMoose's 1st LevelpakChargingMooseLevelpack1078October 12th, 2004
Shadow KeenlevellordModification1074October 10th, 20045.12
Commander Keen AgentBr1ckMiscellaneous1074January 25th, 2005
Br1ck's 1st LevelpakBr1ckLevelpack1074October 12th, 2004
Bloog Sports: SoccerDr. ZingersGame1072October 10th, 20046.25
Commander Keen in Time Episode 1: Lost in TimeThe Soggy MopDiscontinued Game1072October 10th, 20045.75
BWB Megarocket Space InvadersVaportech InternationalGame1071October 10th, 20045.5
Planet DestructionceilickModification1065October 10th, 20046
Real Keen Player 2therealdopefishGame1059October 10th, 20047.25
Commander Keen in Robot RebellionMultimaniaModification1058October 10th, 20043.25

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