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TitleAuthorCategoryDownloadsDate AddedRating
Xky's One-Level ModXkyRauhModification795March 14th, 20059.75
Commander Keen: Episode DashXkyRauhModification1503October 22nd, 20049.37
Commander Keen: Episode ΓΈXkyRauhModification1496October 10th, 20048.87
Monky Business: An Essence Of Mayhem betaCommanderSpleenModification989October 10th, 20048.81
Shadow Keen 3levellordModification1030July 30th, 20048.66
Commander Keen: Episode XXkyRauhModification1660October 10th, 20048.6
Bazooka Wowbagger - Savior of PaperfacePaperface MusicModification1449October 10th, 20048.16
Lego KeenIlsoapModification1442October 10th, 20048
The Grand Intellect: Doomship Dilemma beta ADr. VillainModification881October 10th, 20048
The Search for the SentinelkohntarkoszModification850October 10th, 20047.87
Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkCheesyDaveModification1600October 10th, 20047.75
Kidnapped KeenceilickModification1062October 10th, 20047.75
Commander Keen's Christmas SpecialBenvolio, LevellordModification1207January 2nd, 20057.75
Thwarting MortBenvolioModification726January 8th, 20057.75
Patchwork ModlevellordModification856October 10th, 20047.5
The Grand Intellect: Doomship Dilemma beta BDr. VillainModification772October 10th, 20047.5
TorgopolisBenvolioModification748March 14th, 20057.5
Norp the Yorp in: Brain DamagextraverseModification1083October 10th, 20047.37
Norp the Yorp in: DiffusionxtraverseModification1115October 10th, 20047.25
The Adventures of The Oracle JanitorceilickModification779January 27th, 20057.25
The Clones of Evil 1 - The Galaxy of MGenius314Modification0July 20th, 20057.25
Dangerous Dave in Copyright InfringementFlaoseModification2257October 10th, 20047.16
BirdmanBr1ckModification1459October 10th, 20047.05
Commander Keen: The Last MoonallstoriesModification1122October 10th, 20047
Commander Keen: Episode SmileKeenRushModification983January 7th, 20057
Armageddon II - Episode 1 - Pluto Burns (Demo 2.0)najawaModification0November 24th, 20057
Bunny BasherBenvolioModification1182November 21st, 20046.87
Exiting EpsilonBenvolioModification889October 10th, 20046.62
Commander Keen: Episode Y - Extra DarkGrelphyModification1114October 10th, 20046.5
Perilous PursuitceilickModification756January 23rd, 20056.5

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