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Cheats from Duke Nukem 1
Backspace + PgDn: Get all four keys and full firepower for your Nuclear Pistol.

Using asp as a command line parameter (e.g. dn1.exe asp) will enable the following cheats (thanks Frenkel):
G + O + D: Full health and all items
G + O + W: Skip to the next level

Hints from Duke Nukem 1
In Duke Nukem, there are seven secret bonuses you can get on every level, each giving you 10000 points at the end of the level. Here they are:

1. Destroying all cameras in a level
2. Not losing any health in a level
3. Making all of the ACME signs fall
4. Destroying all missiles in a level
5. Collecting the letters D, U, K, and E in the correct order
6. Destroying all of the Snake Techbots
7. Destroying all of the Bunny Techbots

Below is some "important information" in the game and the original hint document that comes with the registered version of Duke Nukem. Most of what they say is useless, but you might find them interesting anyways.

Duke Nukem 1 Important Information

Duke Nukum needs food and soft drinks
to keep him healthy! Grab all the food
and drinks you can find (sometimes
hidden in boxes).

Duke is armed with a CIA prototype
Nuclear Pistol, which has proved to be
extremely powerful in field tests. Let's
hope it works in an actual mission!

Dr. Proton has built several nuclear
reactors to provide power for all of
his Techbots and traps. Duke should
consider destroying these reactors a
high priority.

It's possible that Duke will find many
useful objects. For example, keys can
open doors, boots can help Duke jump
higher, and extra pistols will increase
Duke's firepower.

Duke has unlimited chances (lives) to
complete his mission, but every time
Duke dies he will have to restart the
current level from the beginning. Duke
should consume drinks and food to keep
his health high.

Each level Duke completes will bring
him closer to finding Dr. Proton. But
Dr. Proton will watch Duke's every move
with an advanced security system (notice
the video cameras that follow your every
move!). Destroying every camera on a
level will earn you a secret bonus.
There are several other secret bonuses
you might discover.

You can only save and restore Duke's
progress in the small hallways between
levels. Hint: You should save after
each level you complete.

Duke Nukem 1 Hint Document
                                 GENERAL HINTS

 Red boxes contain food, Blue boxes contain bonus prizes, and grey boxes
  contain important inventory items, bombs, or nothing at all.

 Bombs can easily be avoided if you jump up and into the middle of the
  explosion (assuming there is enough headroom to jump!).

 The small flying Techbots (with the spinning blade underneath them) can also
  be killed by jumping on them from above.  This will not hurt Duke.

 The fire wheel Techbot is only vulnerable when the flames are off.

 Grappling hooks will work on the underpart of conveyor belts.  When using
  the grappling hooks, Duke can climb onto the above ledge by pressing the up
  arrow key.

 There are numerous secret rooms in all three episodes of Duke Nukum.  For
  example, in level one of episode one, there is a secret room in the basement
  area of the level.  Go to the right of the ledge with the two blue diskettes
  (next to the ceiling spikes) and shoot through the breakable wall, then jump
  into the void to collect the hidden bonus objects.  There are many other
  secret areas, which are usually quite tough to find or gain access to.

 All good superheroes know to save the progress of their mission.  It's a good
  idea to save your game after you finish each level.  You can only save your
  game in between levels, while in the blue transitional hallways.  To save a
  game from the hallway press F1, then press "S" (for Save), then specify a
  save position from 1 to 9.  You can only restore a saved game from the title
  screen, or from within a blue hallway level.

                                 EARNING POINTS

 Shooting the various Techbots will earn you between 100 and 10,000 points.

 Collecting bonus objects is the best way to boost your score.  Footballs are
  worth 100 points; joysticks are 2000 points; diskettes are 5000 points;
  balloons are 10,000 points; and flags and radios will award a mystery score.

 Shooting the reactor is worth 20,000 points; and shooting Dr. Proton is worth
  100,000 points!

 There are many secret ways to get extra points:  Shooting a can of soda then
  catching it is worth 1000 points (normally the soda can is 200 points).
  Shooting a falling ACME sign or a falling box is worth 500 points.  Letting a
  bunny touch Duke is worth 5000 points, but at the cost of one health unit.
  Shooting the bunny gets you only 200 points.

 Secret Bonus Points:  There are seven secret bonuses that can be awarded
  after you complete a level.  Each of the following will award you 10,000
  extra points:

  1) Shooting every camera on a level
  2) Not getting hit on a level (very tough!)
  3) Making all of the "ACME" signs fall down
  4) Shooting all the missiles on a level
  5) Collecting the letters "D", "U", "K", "E" in the correct order, which also
     earns an immediate 10,000 points!
  6) Destroying the snake Techbot creature (rotating blue & white balls)
  7) Zapping all the bunny Techbots on a level, either by shooting them or
     letting them attack you.

                               SECRET CHEAT KEYS

If you find yourself stumped by a particularly devious level, you can help
yourself by using cheat mode.  Press the [backspace] key and the [PgDn] key at
the same time and you'll receive all four colored keys, as well as full
firepower for your Nuclear Pistol.

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