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From: Canada eh!
Posts: 2
2005-04-24 21:08:59 - Why can't I download anything?
I searched the site over for something on this topic but found nothing. When ever I click on "download here." it brings me to a page that says "Sorry, the file you requested has not been found. The download system has changed, so if you are being directed here by an external link, try browsing this site to find what you are looking for. Many Commander Keen downloads can be found here. " of course when i click on the here link it still doesn't work. Whats up?

Keen rules!
The Shifted One

From: Netherlands
Posts: 66
2005-04-25 14:36:31 - Re: Why can't I download anything?
I did a checkup for you and it seems that the downloads are still on the Spatang domain instead of the dosclassics domain.

Its upto xtraverse to fix this.

In the meanwhile you can download things by right-clicking on the direct links (the ones that say "Download: here"
Then check the link it gives (should be something like
Copy that into your browser and change the dosclassics to spatang (like this
Voila, theres your working download link.

The sample above is a random download tough, seek the ones you want yourself

Shifted, for ever more...

From: Easter Island
Posts: 89
2005-04-25 20:08:42 - Re: Why can't I download anything?
I think I fixed. Post any other problems you encounter.

From: Canada eh!
Posts: 2
2005-04-26 02:02:47 - Re: Why can't I download anything?
yep, it works now thanks!

Keen rules!

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