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2005-07-13 20:44:10 - I love this game -- I have levels and want levels
rather than posting this in all the threads, which I found myself doing, I am starting a new one. I love this game. I used to always search for new levels but I quit because I could never find any. I did meet a guy four or five years ago named, Ed who goes by the name Voyager. He wrote some really great levels, but I have lost track of him.

And now here is this place!! Hooray? Can I hang around and be a pest, please.

And let me know where I can get all your levels.

I have 4 levels that I made probably 4 or 5 years ago with the windoze version of the Bollinger editor. Noone has ever played them but me. I have no place to post them. I will send them, tho I don't know if they are any good. I don't think they are very hard. I am so bad at video and computer games that I always put in too much health. You are welcome to edit some of the health out if they are too easy.

Please write back!

From: Easter Island
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2005-07-21 17:27:57 - Re: I love this game -- I have levels and want levels
By all means, send them to me, and I will put them online.

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