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The Shifted One

From: Netherlands
Posts: 66
2006-03-11 10:39:01 - Tis TSO again?
Yeh, I visit again.

Dunno if anyone even cares but I do, Im still on some old projects and some new.
These include:

Duke Nukem 1 (levels and mod, I need to find out if its possible now to include new GFX)
Online tick based RPG game (this wont be there for a while)
C++ programmed sequel to Solar Jetman (this is going well acually)

Thats like all, my homie Extra Vaganza (not xtraverse :P) aint around anymore (hes gettin married ) and I lost some of my old stuff in some projects so Im not a whole lot further then I was a half year ago, just a little tough

Il just stick around again for fun.

Shifted, for ever more...

From: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Posts: 12
2006-03-11 15:20:32 - Re: Tis TSO again?
Well, I'm sad to say this place is dead. Register on this forum if you want people to know.

DaVince - Game creator and retro gamer.

Also creator of Keen:Return (work in progress).
The Shifted One

From: Netherlands
Posts: 66
2006-03-17 22:12:30 - Re: Tis TSO again?
Ah, tis sad indeed.

Oh and I aint registerin there, Im not the Commander Keen guy.
Its a cool game, but thats all, I feel no need to visit forums created for this game.
Now if it was a Duke Nukem forum... :P

Shifted, for ever more...

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