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apocalypse gohan

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2006-10-01 07:33:33 - Commander keen cheats!!
Commander Keen Cheat Codes

Episode I: Marooned on Mars/II: The Earth Explodes/III: Keen Must Die

Cheat Codes

SHIFT+TAB--------end level

C+T+SPACEBAR-----free items

G+O+D------------god mode

Durning game play press B, A, and T Free ammo

Durning normal game play press Ctrl, Tab, and Spacebar Gain all items

On the world map hold Shift + Tab to walk through to the next level Level skip


Walk Though Uncompleted Levels

To walk though uncompleted levels, hold tab with the num lock on and walk though the level.

You will be able to walk though the level as you would if it were completed.


Episode IV: Secret of the Oracle/V: The Armageddon Machine/VI: Aliens Ate My Babysitter!

Cheat Codes

B+A+T-----Get 99 shots, all keys, and an extra Keen
E+N+D-----Stop game and save everyone (beat the whole darn game)
F9--------Boss Mode

Enable DEBUG MODE by pressing : A + 2 + ENTER, then press the following to activate the

respective cheat:

Hit F10 and one of the following keys:

B-----Change color of border
C-----Displays current # of objects (active and not active)
D-----Record a demo
E-----End level
G-----God Mode
I-----All items
J-----Jump Cheat
M-----Memory usage
N-----No clipping mode (useful only with the map screen)
P-----Pause game
S-----Slow motion
T-----Sprite test
V-----Adds extra VBL's (VBL's??)
W-----Warp to any level
Y-----Shows all secret holes/steps
Z-----Instant game over


Episode Keen Dreams

Type in code:

[F10]+[G] God Mode!!! (Is ineffective against bottomless pits)

[F10]+[I] Gives you 99 keys, 99 ammo, and 99 bombs

[F10]+[J] Lets you jump as high as you want (just hold down the jump key)

[F10]+[W] Warps you to a level of your choice

[F10]+[S] Puts the game into slow motion


Episode Game Boy Color

Enter password for specific result.


TSRQ PNML KJHG FDCB-----Level Select

BCDF GHJK LMNP QRST-----Unlimited Lives

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2006-10-02 18:50:16 - Re: Commander keen cheats!!
I didn't even know about some of the 1/2/3 cheats... Thanks.

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