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Mr. Conehead
2006-12-14 21:36:11 - Level maps and stuff
Does anyone know how to create level maps? I have tried in the past, but i was always unsuccesful...
Whoever made this site is really good, it really helped when you put the game and level # for the hover scooters and hamburgers. I found them ALL, WITHOUT cheating!
And those top border thingys on the cosmo site are pretty snazzy
Mr. Conehead
2006-12-14 21:58:26 - Re: Level maps and stuff
Oh, and one slight correction to the cosmo site:
You said bouncing 10 times on moons gives 50,000...its actually any creature, and i'm pretty sure any box too.
Proof of at least any animal: c3l5: go to the end, where theres 4 birdheads in a row.... if you bounce on all four of em with out touching the ground you get 50,000.
I didnt intend to be mean, so please dont take offence at this.
Still wondering bout level maps...
Mr. Conehead
2006-12-31 12:30:29 - Level maps and stuff
Since i went on a trip and came back and still no one responded i'm gonna ask on the Keen board instead...
2007-01-09 18:10:32 - Re: Level maps and stuff
I'm curious as well. How do you create your own levels? Anyone?
2007-01-27 12:49:05 - Re: Level maps and stuff
With CosEdit

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