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Official GamesThe original 7-part series of Commander Keen games.
ModsMost of these are excellent, among the best games here for download. Definitely do not miss this section.
Complete FangamesAll Commander Keen fangames. The quality ranges from downright pathetic to pretty good.
Fangame DemosSome of these are good, some are bad. It is worth taking a look in here.
Abandoned FangamesMost of these are pretty bad, and you can tell why they were discontinued. But still, there are a few OK games in here, as well as the legendary Isis II, which may be the best fangame on this site.
Maps and LevelpacksHere you will find every level pack ever made for a Keen game.
Utilities and ApplicationsEverything you would ever need to edit, mod, and hack Commander Keen games you will find here.
SkinsBasically anything Commander Keen-related used in another program, such as a new look for a media player or a graphics remake for a keen game is in this section.
Sound and MusicCome here and rock on to some sweet Commander Keen tunes, original and fan-made.
Animations and ScreensaversIn here is some of the best keen fan work made, but also some pretty bad stuff. Check it out anyways.
Miscellaneous downloadsThis has a lot of stuff the modify the way windows looks, like fonts, icons, cursors, has some other cool stuff too.
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