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Modkeen is essential to making mods of Commander Keen. Surprisingly, itís a very simple program to use.

You have to use command prompt to work it. The only files you are working with are EGAHEAD.CKX, EGASPRIT.CKX, and EGALATCH.CKX.

Here is the usage:

modkeen e/i n kxdata.lst

Choose e if you want to extract the images from the EGA files or choose i if you want to import the images back into the EGA files.

n is the number of the episode youíre extracting from.

kxdata.lst is the file that ModKeen writes to while extracting and uses it to import back in later on. You can set whatever filename and extension you want, but make sure you use the same file when you go back to import.

An extract example would be:

modkeen e 2 k2data.lst

An import example would be:

modkeen i 2 k2data.lst

When editing the images ModKeen makes, make sure to keep them in 16 colors and in the right palette. Only change the size of the sprite files, and all sprite files must have dimensions that are multiples of 24x8 (i.e. 24x32, 72x16, etc...). Be sure not to make the sprite files too big either, or you will run into big problems down the road.

Thatís all there really is to say about ModKeen, so good luck with modding :)
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