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The Keencyclopedia
Boobus Painting
A painting of Boobus Tuber that follows Keen with its eyes.
Found in: Keen Dreams
Canteloupe Cart
These can take you over dangerous areas, but don't let them smash you into walls! The Melon Mines contain railway tracks on which Canteloupe Carts zoom back and forth. Keen may ride on them safely, but don't let him get run over!
Found in: Keen Dreams
Dream Machine
A device that has brought Commander Keen to the Land of Tuberia. Keen sets on a mission to destroy the Dream Machine.
Found in: Keen Dreams
Nasty-looking faces on the walls of Castle Tuberia. When they poke their tongues out, Keen can stand on them.
Found in: Keen Dreams
Hidden Passages
Some walls in the later Keen episodes actually have secret hidden passages in them.
Found in: Keen Dreams, Keen 4, Keen 5, Keen 6

Melon Minecarts
See Canteloupe Cart
Found in: Keen Dreams
Platforms are a major convenience- even a necessity on Fribbulus Xax. In most places they are used to transport you over dangerous obstacles, or to places out of reach. Many of the platforms(or "plats" as the locals call them) are still the old style which are operated by Bips. Other types of platforms occur on other planets as well.
Found in: Keen 1, Keen 2, Keen 3, Keen Dreams, Keen 4, Keen 5, Keen 6, Keen GBC

Keen 2

Keen 3

Keen 4

Keen 5

Keen 6
Climb up or down poles to reach certain areas in your quest. Keep an eye out for darkened poles in Keen 5!
Found in: Keen Dreams, Keen 4, Keen 5, Keen 6, Keen GBC

Keen 6

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