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The Keencyclopedia
Baby Vorticon
These little blue vorticons run around and breakneck speed, running over and paralyzing Keen for a bit. These guys can be very annoying, but if you zap them once your worries will disapear.
Found in: Keen 2, Keen 3

Keen 2 - Keen 3
These are cute, harmless little yellow aliens. In fact, they're scared and will run away from you! By simply touching them, they will explode doing no damage to you. Or if you're really mean you could just zap them with your raygun.
Found in: Keen 3
The regular Vorticon that you will meet in the levels. Easy to defeat by one shot to kill. Unfortunately these Vorticons also like to jump which can pose a real hazard. Turning off the lights will solve that problem.
Found in: Keen 2, Keen 3

Keen 2

Keen 3
A green alien that strolls along singing, and in some way expelling slow-moving sound waves. The singing is so bad that the sound waves will kill you! One shot will kill it.
Found in: Keen 3
A mythical beast known affectionately as "Messie" that supposedly lives in Loch Mess on Vorticon VI.
Found in: Keen 3
Vorticon King
After destroying the Mangling Machine Keen gets rewarded the "Big V" by the Vorticon King.
Found in: Keen 3
Vorticon Mother
The female Vorticon could be actually harder than the males! These big, slow-moving Vorticons shoot deadly flames at you. It takes five shots to kill her
Found in: Keen 3
Vorticon Photographers
Vorticons that take pictures at the end of Keen 3 where Keen is thanked and awarded the Big V by the Vorticon King.
Found in: Keen 3
The race of aliens that live on Vorticon VI and were being controlled by the Grand Intellect to do his wishes.
Found in: Keen 1, Keen 2, Keen 3

The deadliest fighting force in the galaxy. They have been trained by the Grand Intellect to take no prisoners. The Vortininjas can run, jump and even kick you! On top of that, it takes four shots to kill them!
Found in: Keen 3

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