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The Keencyclopedia
Baby Vorticon
These little blue vorticons run around and breakneck speed, running over and paralyzing Keen for a bit. These guys can be very annoying, but if you zap them once your worries will disapear.
Found in: Keen 2, Keen 3

Keen 2 - Keen 3
The regular Vorticon that you will meet in the levels. Easy to defeat by one shot to kill. Unfortunately these Vorticons also like to jump which can pose a real hazard. Turning off the lights will solve that problem.
Found in: Keen 2, Keen 3

Keen 2

Keen 3
Guard Robot
This robot can cause you real trouble when it shoots 4 lasers rapidly one after the other! Unfortunately, you are unable to kill this robot.
Found in: Keen 2
These little robotic like creatures don't really hurt you at all. Actually they can be pretty helpful when they move up, down and around walls. You can use them almost as a platform and ride around the level on them. But be careful for they can get annoying and push you into some slime or other nasty stuff!
Found in: Keen 2
Vorticon Elders
Vorticon Elders were Vorticons that were trapped and put into stasis. There are two can can encounter in Keen 2. They will give you valuable hints if you manage to find them.
Found in: Keen 2
Vorticon Warrior Elite
The hardest enemy in Episode 2. These vorticons are real warriors and capable of running, jumping and shooting at you. Added on to that, you must shoot it four times to kill it.
Found in: Keen 2
The race of aliens that live on Vorticon VI and were being controlled by the Grand Intellect to do his wishes.
Found in: Keen 1, Keen 2, Keen 3

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