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The Keencyclopedia
Butler "Tin Can" Robot
This is one of two robots created for menial work and guard duties. This robot moves fast trying to push Keen off cliffs, a bit like the yorps do, only with greater speed. These robots are not a serious threat but they can become very annoying and there is no way to kill them.
Found in: Keen 1
These Martians from Mars aren't as friendly or docile as yorps. When the Garg sees you, he will suddenly charge at you. At one time in Mars' history, the Gargs ruled over the yorps. His touch is deadly. One shot will do him in.
Found in: Keen 1
Almost a kind of plant that opens and closes its "mouth" trying to chomp Keen if he comes too close. Similar to a Venus Fly Trap.
Found in: Keen 1
Tank Robot
This robot looks somewhat like a tank. The robot itself is harmless, but beware! He carries a gun, and will shoot with no hesitation. Be careful, these guys can't be killed either.
Found in: Keen 1
Vorticons are being controlled by the Grand Intellect, some mysterious being on the planet Vorticon VI, the home planet of Vorticons. They are the most dangerous enemy in episode 1 because they follow you, and can jump very high. Also it takes four raygun shots to defeat. They usually guard the lost parts of the BWB Megarocket.
Found in: Keen 1
The race of aliens that live on Vorticon VI and were being controlled by the Grand Intellect to do his wishes.
Found in: Keen 1, Keen 2, Keen 3

These one-eyed green aliens are one of the main inhabitants of Mars. These martians are extrememly friendly and won't hurt you at all. But they do have a certain tendancy to push Keen into acid, or a pit so make sure you watch out! If you want to be merciful, just jump on the Yorp to paralyze it for a bit, or you can always do it in forever with one blast from your raygun. At one point in history, the Yorps were slaves to the Gargs, until the Viking Spacecraft landed on the Despot Garg, killing it and freeing the Yorps.
Found in: Keen 1

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