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Cerebral Cortex 314 - This was the original Commander Keen fansite, it has seen many generations, and is definitely one of the best out there, although it isn't updated very frequently.
Commander Keen - Wikipedia - The "free encyclopedia" entry on Commander Keen. Has some interesting information and history.
Commander Keen Fansite - This is a good place to start your CK journeys. While this site has mainly the standard information and Keen site has, it has a pretty good design that makes it a pleasure to visit.
Commander Keendom - This is another sweet looking fansite, with some new and different stuff. The greatest thing is the tutorial on how to beat Keen 6 with no points, it shows you a lot of clipping bugs and other cool tricks.
Gnosticus VII - This is an excellent site to submit modification reviews. Unfortunately, most people are lazy so there aren't many reviews yet, but hopefully it will grow with time.
Keen Galaxy - This nifty site has a snazzy design and a bunch of cool stuff, including an SGA generator.
Keen: Modding - This forum is dedicated to those people who want to hack, mod, and tweak Keen into their own creations. and Commander Keen Galaxy - This is KeenRush's site, where he has a nifty subsite called CKGalaxy. This subside is focused on what KR dedicates his life to--modifications. It also has the biggest compilation of Keen links that exists.
Public Commander Keen Forum - This is where the party is, where people chat about upcoming stuff, or ramble about random crap, mostly the latter. But hey, it's a cool place. Check it out.
The Chasm of Strife - Sadly, this site saw its last update come and go. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't go, this place is full of great stuff, like comics, flash animations, and more.
The Shadowlands Website - This is the home of the fantastic flash series "The Shadowlands" by Ilsoap. It's really awesome, some of the best Keen fan work out there. Don't miss this site.

Following are classic Keen sites that have been archived by Travis Lauver and myself. I few are still running and have been archived in case the original sites go down, but most were pulled from and thus there will be missing images and links here and there.

Commander Keen Eternal v1 - A thorough site made by I am Keen and maintained by Joey. It includes an online text game as well as a few other goodies.
Commander Keen Eternal v2 - Version 2 of the above site.
Commander Keen Nexus - This is an extremely stylish site but unfortunately doesn't have much real content. One day in the distant future it may be revived.
Commander Keen: Geologist - Here's another -ology site where Quest King takes us through a tour of the life of a mimrock.
Commander Keen: Meteorologist - Through a combined effort of Quest King and Ilsoap, you can now learn about the strange weather of the planets Commander Keen visits in his spare time.
Keen Signs - This site tells you the meanings of almost every SGA sign used in the Keen games.
KeenVault - A cute and informative site by KeenRush with an amazing compilation of links.
Lickology - Ilsoap's rendition on the anatomy of the Licks from the Shadowlands, as well as a synopsis of their history that is tied very closely with the Berkeloids'.
Michael's Commander Keen Info Center - An informative site on Commander Keen created by Michael Blaze.
Slugology - Another great Quest King site, brush up on your knowledge of slug poo with this one. Again, due to missing parts of the archives, much of this site is unavailable.
The Bean-with-Bacon Megarocket Technical Manual - This unique site made by AR covers all aspects of how the BWBMR works.
The Chronicles of the 2.5 cm Worm - One of Quest King's great creature sites, at this one you can learn about the inchworm from Keen 4.
The Distortion of Billy Blaze - A site of crazy artwork put together by Dr. Zingers.
The Mental Episodes of Mr. William Blaze - This Quest King site is based on the life of Billy Blaze rather than the history of the games. Unfortunately the archive was incomplete so parts of the site are missing.
Vorticon VI - Travis Lauver's ancient site which includes a few interesting things such as polls, mad libs, and fanfiction.
Yorpology - This is the last Quest King -ology site that's been able to be recovered. You can learn about the anatomy and religion of yorps here, so definitely check it out.

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