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Here you can find information about all modifications for Keen games. Currently available are maps for Keen 1-3 mods.

Keen 1
Bazooka Wowbagger by Paperface Music
Bad Dreams by Levellord
Commander Keen: The Last Moon by allstories
Dangerous Keen in the Haunted Mansion by Levellord
Dangerous Dave in Copyright Infringement by Flaose
The Four Golden Crystals by Unfleexable
Keen Crash on Gobo III by Ceilick
Keen 0 by Elecdude3
Keen X by Xkylyr Rauh
Keen Y by Grelphy
Kidnapped Keen by Ceilick
Lego Keen by Ilsoap
Norp the Yorp 1 by xtraverse
Patchwork Mod by Levellord, KeenRush, and associated others
Robot Rebellion by MultiMANIA
Search for the Sentinel by kohntarkosz
Shadow Keen 1 Part 1 by Levellord
Shadow Keen 1 Part 2 by Levellord
Shadow Keen 1 Bonus Level by Levellord
Stopping the Skypest by Benvolio
Vanished to Venus by Benvolio
Yorphius II by KeenRush
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link by CheesyDave

Keen 2
Exiting Epsilon by Benvolio
Keen by Xkylyr Rauh
Norp the Yorp 2 by xtraverse
Planet Destruction by ceilick
Shadow Keen 2 by Levellord

Keen 3
Norp the Yorp 3 by xtraverse
Copyright 2003-2010 xtraverse and - All rights reserved