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The Keencyclopedia
Commander Keen's homeworld, and the place that the Vorticons try to destroy in Keen 2.
Found in: Keen 2
Eat at Joe's
A sign, probably for a restaurant, written in English in the Bloogbase Recreational District.
Found in: Keen 6
Eat Your Veggies
A song from Keen 4, which was composed by Bobby Prince. The song was originally supposed to go onto Keen Dreams, but due to space limitations on a floppy disk, the music was saved until Keen 4. The music can be heard in the following levels: Pyramid of the Forbidden, Pyramid of the Gnosticene Ancients, Pyramid of the Moons, Pyramid of the Shadows, Isle of Fire, and Isle of Tar. There are actual lyrics that go along with this song. Play.
Found in: Keen 4
See Council Member
Found in: Keen 4
Electric Railroad Tracks
Electrified green railroad tracks that Keen cannot cross, but a canteloupe cart can.
Found in: Keen Dreams
Electrical Sparks
Don't touch these devices, or be prepared to do a level over again!
Found in: Keen 2
A barrier that emits a blue beam of electricity that Keen must either shut off, or time his jumps right to go through.
Found in: Keen 6
Energy Flow Systems
A level in Keen 5 with one of the four machines you must destroy to activate the teleport.
Found in: Keen 5
An item you must retrieve from the Vorticons in Keen 1. The Everclear is taken from your Dad's liquor cabinet and is used as the BWB Megarocket's fuel.
Found in: Keen 1
Extra Life
Grab an icon of Commander Keen or other items to receive and extra life. In each different episode, a certain amount of points will also get you a new life. The amounts is usually 20,000 points.
Found in: Keen 1, Keen 2, Keen 3, Keen Dreams, Keen 4, Keen 5, Keen 6, Keen GBC

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