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The Keencyclopedia
Fiery Canyon
This dark and shadowy cavern is full of fire pits, falling platforms, fire imps, and moving platforms. Be careful where you jump! This is the second level on Droidiccus Prime.
Found in: Keen GBC
If you happen to burn up in this fire, you'll be trying the level again.
Found in: Keen 1, Keen Dreams, Keen 4, Keen GBC
Fire Extinguishers
25 points
Found in: Keen GBC
Fire Imp
These fiery creatures think they're pretty hot. They lurk in the rocky wasteland between The Imperial Palace and the Robot Hive on Droidiccus Prime.
Found in: Keen GBC
First Dome of Darkness
A level that contains a grappling hook and rope to get up the cliff in Keen 6.
Found in: Keen 6
You'll die if you burn up in this fire.
Found in: Keen 2, Keen 6
Keen 6: These yellow fellows have big teeth but their bite isn't the problem! Watch out where you shoot when these guys are around. They can reflect Keen's shots with their teeth, which can do some temporary damage. Keen GBC: The Flect is always in a hurry, and has nowhere to go. This terminally worried creature has tentacles for hair and a reflective plate on its chest. It's best to be sneaky when dealing with a flect.
Found in: Keen 6, Keen GBC
The Fleex are amongst the finest engineers in the universe, having designed all the buildings and devices on Fribbulus Xax. Unfortunately, the Bloogs built them, devastating the sleek and elegant designs. The Fleex have very sensitive eyes (a natural consequence of spending a lifetime in a basement lab), so sensitive that they have to wear dark shades when they're out in the light (making them nearly blind). To compensate, they've developed an oversized ear which allows them to hear other creatures as they move around.
Found in: Keen 6, Keen GBC
Flower Pot
Gives you 5 flower power ammo.
Found in: Keen Dreams
Flower Power
Temporarily stop most enemies by throwing flower powers at them and turning them into panting flowers.
Found in: Keen Dreams
These are cute, harmless little yellow aliens. In fact, they're scared and will run away from you! By simply touching them, they will explode doing no damage to you. Or if you're really mean you could just zap them with your raygun.
Found in: Keen 3
A legendary giant stone foot that materializes from the union of twelve inchworms, and carries Keen to the bonus level (Pyramid of the Forbidden) in the Shadowlands.
Found in: Keen 4
Forest of Crazy Mushrooms
Oversized alien mushrooms are all over this level. Commander Keen must also avoid the deadly posion slugs that compete with the mushrooms for the spare sunlight on this strange planet. This level is the first of the Shikadi World.
Found in: Keen GBC
Fort Cavort
A level in Keen 3.
Found in: Keen 3
Fort Vortabella
A level in Keen 3.
Found in: Keen 3
Fort Vorticon
A level in Keen 3.
Found in: Keen 3
These scary potatoes from France will throw fearsome french fries at you. Their touch and the fries they throw at you are deadly. Throw a flower power at it and it becomes a panting flower for a few seconds.
Found in: Keen Dreams
Fribbulus Xax
The Bloog homeworld that Keen must travel to to save Molly McMire in Keen 6 and get a plasma crystal from in Keen GBC.
Found in: Keen 6, Keen GBC
Frozen Keen
If you get shot by the Ice Cannon, you will turn into a frozen keen in a block of ice! Harmless, for the ice melts after a few seconds.
Found in: Keen 1

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