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The Keencyclopedia
Ice Cannon
Fires a block of ice that will freeze Keen if he is hit by it! Not deadly at all, since the block melts off Keen after a few seconds. It is just annoying... But also helpful for reaching the Hidden City.
Found in: Keen 1
Ice Cream Bar
200 points
Found in: Keen 6
Ice Cream Cone
5,000 points
Found in: Keen 4
Be careful not to jump to high when you're under these frozen knives!
Found in: Keen 1
Imperial Palace, The
It's the third level in the world of Droidiccus Prime and things are getting tricky. To complete this level and get a plasma crystal you will have to defeat the Droidican Emperor.
Found in: Keen GBC
Impossible Bullet
A bug in Keen 6 that allows Keen to fly on top of his bullets. "Jump; as you fall, look down and shoot. This may take a little practice, but once you get the hang of it, keen will 'ride' his bullet to the ground. He'll actually land just above the floor. That's good! Don't move! Look down. Then quickly look up and shoot! Suddenly keen is propelled into the air by his own bullet! Don't believe me? Try it!" - Br1ck
Found in: Keen 6
Impossible Pogo Trick
If you run left or right, then quickly press pogo and jump in succession, you blast off at an angle.
Found in: Keen 1, Keen 2, Keen 3, Keen 4, Keen 5, Keen 6, Keen GBC

These placid yellow creatures are all over. Watch out where you step or they'll be afoot!
Found in: Keen 4
Invasion of the Vorticons: Keen Must Die!
The third and final episode in the Invasion of the Vorticons trilogy, Keen travels to Vorticon VI to confront the Grand Intellect himself!
Found in: Keen 3
Invasion of the Vorticons: Marooned on Mars
The first episode in the Invasion of the Vorticons trilogy, Keen is stranded on Mars and must find parts to his ship so he may escape.
Found in: Keen 1
Invasion of the Vorticons: The Earth Explodes
The second episode in the Invasion of the Vorticons trilogy, Keen must disable tantulus rays which are aimed at major cities on Earth.
Found in: Keen 2
Invisible Blocks
Not entirely invisible, these platforms (that Keen can stand on) occasionally glint.
Found in: Keen 4
Ion Ventilation System
A level in Keen 5.
Found in: Keen 5
Isle of Fire
A level in Keen 4 where a council member is hidden.
Found in: Keen 4
Isle of Tar
A level in Keen 4.
Found in: Keen 4

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