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The Keencyclopedia
Neural Ray Blaster
Commander Keen can use this weapon to stun his enemies temporarily. The Neural Ray Blaster does have unlimited ammo, but unfortunately will only shoot one blast until that blast hits something or goes off the screen.
Found in: Keen GBC
Neural Stunner
Commander Keen's weapon of choice in Keen 4-6. The gun fires a green blast of energy, stunning anything that happens to get in the way. You have a limited amount of shots so be sure to collect them if you happen to find one in a level. They are worth 5 ammo.
Found in: Keen 4, Keen 5, Keen 6

Neutrino Burst Injector
A level in Keen 5 with one of the four machines you must destroy to activate the teleport.
Found in: Keen 5
New Vorticon
A city on Vorticon VI where life is a dark, dangerous enterprise. It's a level in Keen 3.
Found in: Keen 3
New York
A target of the X-14 Tantulus Rays in Keen 2.
Found in: Keen 2
These blue fellows walk around until they find something to charge at. But even charging, their favorite pastime, will bore them after a bit. Watch out for their fearsome horn!
Found in: Keen 6, Keen GBC

Keen 6

Keen GBC
Nuclear Waste
A barrel full of radioactive slime. Make sure you don't touch it!
Found in: Keen 3

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