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The Keencyclopedia
Tank Robot
This robot looks somewhat like a tank. The robot itself is harmless, but beware! He carries a gun, and will shoot with no hesitation. Be careful, these guys can't be killed either.
Found in: Keen 1
Tantulus Ray
See X-14 Tantulus Ray
Found in: Keen 2
Bubbling black goop in episode four that you want to make sure to avoid, or else Keen will come to a sticky end!
Found in: Keen 4
Tart Stix
1,000 points
Found in: Keen 5
Tater Trooper
They are dumb, but they can be dangerous! Their touch is deadly. They are the most common inhabitants of Tuberia and shoulder a bayonet which they use to hit you with. Throw a flower power bomb at it and it becomes a panting flower for a few seconds.
Found in: Keen Dreams
See Drop
Found in: Keen 4
Techno Lab
What's worse than the Bloogs you've just defeated? The Robo-Bloog of course! This guy is the last enemy on his world, and if you defeat him you will get a plasma crystal! Watch out though, Robo-Bloog has the brain of an evil super-computer and can outsmart almost any being.
Found in: Keen GBC
Teddy Bear
5,000 points
Found in: Keen 1
Keen 1 and Keen 3: The teleporters found on the maps of the games and teleport you to other locations.
Keen 5: A teleportation device is hidden in the Gravitational Damping Hub of Keen 5. It leads to the bonus level on the planet of Korath III, the Secret Korath III Base. There is another return-teleporter on the map of Korath III.
Keen 6: A teleporter that teleports you to an "underground" portion of Keen VI.
Keen GBC: When Commander Keen uses one of these, he pops out of another one in a different area of the level in Keen GBC.
Found in: Keen 1, Keen 3, Keen 5, Keen 6, Keen GBC

Keen 1

Keen 3

Keen 5

Keen 6

Keen GBC
Thought Statues
Statues of Yorps or Gargs spread throughout levels in Keen 1 that will give you hints or meaningless thoughts when touched.
Found in: Keen 1
Three-Tooth Gum
200 points
Found in: Keen 4
Three-Tooth Lake
A lake that you can go into if you have the wetsuit.
Found in: Keen 4
To the Future
Another tune by Bobby Prince that was in Keen 6. It was played in the following levels: B.A.S.A., Blooglab Space Station, and Bloogton Tower. Play.
Found in: Keen 6
Probably the scariest of all the vegetables, with their sharp teeth. Their touch is deadly. This crazy plant jumps constantly around trying to hit Keen! Throw a flower power bomb at it and it becomes a panting flower for a few seconds.
Found in: Keen Dreams
Too Hot!
A melody composed by Bobby Prince that was played in Keen 4, in the following levels: Lifewater Oasis, Miragia, Sand Yego, and Well of Wishes. Play.
Found in: Keen 4
Toxic Slime
Some floors and platforms have toxic slime all over them, that'll kill if you're foolish enough to step in the slime.
Found in: Keen GBC
Treasure Eaters
A secret creature living in the Pyramid of the Gnosticene Ancients. These creatures have the capability of transporting themselves from place to place, so you have to be quick if you want to stun one. One other thing that they do is steal items around a level, hence their name. They have been called Gnosticene Ancients in the past, but a quick e-mail to Tom Hall fixed that.
Found in: Keen 4
Tree Eye
An eye that sits on top of a tree and looks around at the world below. The eye is not harmful to Keen.
Found in: Keen 6
The Dream land that Keen inhabits in Keen Dreams where plant-based foods comes alive!
Found in: Keen Dreams

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