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The Keencyclopedia
Vacuum Cleaner
An item you must retrieve from the Vorticons in Keen 1. The vacuum cleaner is taken from the kitchen and is heavily modified to make your BWB Megarocket have an Ion Propulsion Unit with Carpet Height Adjustment.
Found in: Keen 1
Vampire Broccoli
See Broccolash
Found in: Keen Dreams
Vials of Potion
50 points
Found in: Keen GBC
Vitalin by Vitacorp is a refreshing health drink. If you get 100 hundred of these things, you get a new life.
Found in: Keen 5
These are probably the most common form of life on Fribbulus Xax. Vivas have a wonderful quality--touching them improves your health. In fact, for every 100 you come in contact with, you gain another life!
Found in: Keen 6
Don't touch this miniature volcano.
Found in: Keen 3
Volte-faces are insane floating creatures that have electric arcs for hair!
Found in: Keen 5
Vorta Cola
200 points
Found in: Keen 2
Vorticons are being controlled by the Grand Intellect, some mysterious being on the planet Vorticon VI, the home planet of Vorticons. They are the most dangerous enemy in episode 1 because they follow you, and can jump very high. Also it takes four raygun shots to defeat. They usually guard the lost parts of the BWB Megarocket.
Found in: Keen 1
Vorticon Elders
Vorticon Elders were Vorticons that were trapped and put into stasis. There are two can can encounter in Keen 2. They will give you valuable hints if you manage to find them.
Found in: Keen 2
Vorticon Hyperpistol
The weapon of the Vorticon Warrior Elite that Keen finds himself using as well. Get it in a level and gain 5 ammo.
Found in: Keen 2
Vorticon King
After destroying the Mangling Machine Keen gets rewarded the "Big V" by the Vorticon King.
Found in: Keen 3
Vorticon Military Installation
Where the Vorticons have their main military forces massed to try and prevent Keen from getting to the Grand Intellect.
Found in: Keen 3
Vorticon Mother
The female Vorticon could be actually harder than the males! These big, slow-moving Vorticons shoot deadly flames at you. It takes five shots to kill her
Found in: Keen 3
Vorticon Mothership
This deadly ship is about to destroy Earth in Keen 2, unless Commander Keen can stop it!
Found in: Keen 2
Vorticon Photographers
Vorticons that take pictures at the end of Keen 3 where Keen is thanked and awarded the Big V by the Vorticon King.
Found in: Keen 3
Vorticon Rail-Gun
Raygun that Keen uses in Episode 3. Getting this in a level will get you 5 ammo.
Found in: Keen 3
Vorticon Rail-Gun Ammo
Rail-Gun ammo. Get this and gain one ammo only.
Found in: Keen 3
Vorticon VI
The Vorticon home planet, where you must travel to in Keen 3 to confront the Grand Intellect himself! The planet has many obstacles including the Caves of Oblivion and the Vorticon Military Installation.
Found in: Keen 3
Vorticon Warrior Elite
The hardest enemy in Episode 2. These vorticons are real warriors and capable of running, jumping and shooting at you. Added on to that, you must shoot it four times to kill it.
Found in: Keen 2
The race of aliens that live on Vorticon VI and were being controlled by the Grand Intellect to do his wishes.
Found in: Keen 1, Keen 2, Keen 3

The deadliest fighting force in the galaxy. They have been trained by the Grand Intellect to take no prisoners. The Vortininjas can run, jump and even kick you! On top of that, it takes four shots to kill them!
Found in: Keen 3
Island of Vorticon VI where Keen faces the mind-numbing horrors of suburban life. Vortiville is also the name of two levels in Keen 3.
Found in: Keen 3

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