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Old News

CK Updates
posted by: xtraverse on 05.24.05
I've added a nice introduction to the Keen site, and there are also a lot of new mods up in the download section.

New Domain
posted by: xtraverse on 04.04.05
Spatang Classics, now DOS Classics, is now at it's new domain,! The switch may have caused some downtime and other problems, post anything that's not working properly in the forum.

One Level Mods
posted by: xtraverse on 03.23.05
Over the past week a number of one-level Keen mods have been released in honor of 3/14. Check them out here.

Duke Central
posted by: xtraverse on 02.03.05
A new section has gone up, this time about the first two Duke Nukem game series from Apogee. Check it out. The user portal is progressing as well, you can now add your own downloads.

omgwtfbbq why haven't I updated?
posted by: xtraverse on 01.23.05
yes I know this site has been neglected for a while--do not worry, I will start adding stuff soon. I added a music file and some box shots in the Cosmo site. I also added the five most recent Keen mods to the downloads and fixed a bunch of bugs on the forum. Hopefully in the next month I'll finish the user portal system where you can add your own downloads, art, etc...

Changing Hosts
posted by: xtraverse on 10.20.04
Sorry for the recent downtime, I was changing hosts and I had 750mb of files to transfer and eight databases to restore, which unfortunately didn't go as smoothly as I expected. Almost everything is back to normal. Some of the mod maps don't work yet and the downloads are not online, but that should be fixed within a day.

Spatang Classics
posted by: xtraverse on 10.07.04
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You may notice that stuff looks quite different around here. I've combined Beyond the Pogo and Cosmic Caverns into one website, and separated the Cosmo forum from the Cosmo site. This has all been wrapped into a new design, but this design is not necessarily final. Post comments and suggestions here or in the forum.

Cosmic Caverns
posted by: xtraverse on 10.03.04
Check out the third Cosmo fansite ever created :)
Browse around, suggest content, have fun, and tell us what you want in a Cosmo fansite.

posted by: xtraverse on 10.03.04
There's a few random additions to the site. Most noticeable is the new panel on the right. Tell me anything you think should go in it.
Also, we have a number of new downloads (Bad Dreams, Watch314, Well of Wishes Screensaver, and Intro Text) as well as a bunch of new fanart.

Keencyclopedia Done!
posted by: xtraverse on 09.10.04
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After a year or so of delaying, I've finally rewritten the Keencyclopedia and add all the data. As always, tell me about errors you find. Maybe I'll make a backup of it this time so I don't lose it if the server hard drive fails like last year ;)

Mods Galore
posted by: xtraverse on 08.31.04
There's an insane amount of mods that have been coming out lately. All the completed ones I've finally added mod maps for in the Modifications section. Big thanks to KeenRush for some of the screenshots I used in the modifications download section. I've done a bunch of cosmetic work to the site as well, so hopefully I can get working on the Keencyclopedia now (after what, 11 months?)

posted by: xtraverse on 08.29.04
I'm in the processing of redoing much of this site (as you can clearly see). I just finished coding the ability for you visitors to rate and review games and other creations. So go and start rating/reviewing so we have more accurate ratings.

Modification Maps
posted by: xtraverse on 05.09.04
New section in the sidebar--modification maps! You can now view the levels of almost every modification made. Check it out in the modifications section of the sidebar.

Welcome to the site
posted by: xtraverse on 04.30.04
w00t, a complete redesign! Check out the new Beyond the Pogo!

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