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Old News

posted by: xtraverse on 10.03.04
There's a few random additions to the site. Most noticeable is the new panel on the right. Tell me anything you think should go in it.
Also, we have a number of new downloads (Bad Dreams, Watch314, Well of Wishes Screensaver, and Intro Text) as well as a bunch of new fanart.

posted by: XkyRauh
on 10.03.04
Maybe change the "Random Fanart:" to a link instead of a thumbnail? Maybe make is so this right sidebar only comes up when someone clicks on the enemy on the right--for example, I want some interesting stuff to do on Spatang, so I click the Bounder that's up there when I'm on the "Home" page, and bam--there's this nifty list of stuff to do. :-) Having the sidebar ALWAYS there is kinda distracting, I think. You've got enough constantly-changing stuff with the pictures up on the right and the enemies when you mouseover the navbar on the left... this new sidebar should be optional.

posted by: xtraverse
on 10.03.04
you can now turn the panel on and off, and the site will remember your settings :) 
posted by: XkyRauh
on 10.04.04
Awesome. That's so cool!

posted by: bp
on 10.12.04
This might not be with the subject.....but anyway did you know that the "legendary ISIS" is still being worked on? No,if that is the answer(it probably is by the look of your discrepsion for "ABANDONED fan games)but still if your wonder where I got this info I got it from one of your links I don't remember which one,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but you get it. RIGHT? 0 0 --bp |---|  

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