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Welcome to the site
posted by: xtraverse on 04.30.04
w00t, a complete redesign! Check out the new Beyond the Pogo!

posted by: KeenRush
on 05.01.04
Really cool to see this up and running, worth of all the waiting. :) 
posted by: XkyRauh
on 05.01.04
w00t! You really did a bang-up job here--congratulations on your hard work. I really like the random images and the enemies on the menu. Lots of little attention to detail that stands out. Thanks for being a consistent host for the Keen Community--we all owe you. :-)

posted by:
on 05.06.04
Great new format, Xtra! You've outdone yourself! I especially like the added touch of the random images in the top right, very cool. 
posted by: Retodon8
on 07.25.04
I only just noticed I can comment.
This site is looking good! 
posted by: Keenspark
on 08.16.04
Nice site! i like the MOD Maps! 
posted by: BP
on 08.28.04
is this the new beond the pogo?! becuse if it is I LOVE IT! please answer...
posted by: xtraverse
on 08.28.04
tis indeed. 
posted by: bp
on 08.30.04
posted by: BP
on 09.27.04
Your site beats cebreal-cortex any day! 

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