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There are tons of fan created Keen games out on the web! Not all have the greatest quality, of course, but they might still be fun to play - grab some old classics and see how the latest projects are going!
The Mystery Of Isis II
A full-screen 256-color game, probably the best-known Keen fan game project.
It's been going on for about two years now, and it actually seems like it's going to be finished soon!!

Loads of people have been involved in the project. The main artist et cetera is eK (Ben Cruz).
Else, these are the ones I know about that are/have been working on it:

DML, Geoff, pLeitorian, Vertigo, AA, Ilsoap, Corey, Tony Gies, VolteFace, Snaily.

As far as I know, the project doesn't have a website at the moment, but you should visit
this thread on the Public Commander Keen Forum for the latest info. And for some screenshots, click here.
Commander Keen Fusion ("The Galaxy And Several Neighboring Ones Are Toast")
I never heard about this project before I got an email from rAdiation who's working on it.

Here is a condensed version of the story (as rAdiation said in the email):

"Using the power of cold fusion, Mortimer McMire plans to blow up the galaxy and several neighboring ones. In episode 1, Keen searches for Mortimer. In episode 2, Keen storms Mortimer's cold fusion laboratory in an effort to put an end to this plot."

This was a nice way to do it! :D I'll just keep on quoting him:

"It will probably consist of two episodes, although I may reorganize it somewhat. The game engine, made in Click'n'Create, is similar to the one used in Keen, episodes 4 5 and 6, except Keen has a jetpack now instead of a pogo stick....."

Episode 1 will be released before Episode 2. He tells me he plans to make episode 1 public as soon as he can. Episode 2 is still in the planning stages,
although it will probably contain no ripped images except for the Keen sprite himself.

"It contains ripped graphics. I would say 75% of the backgrounds and 10% of the sprites are ripped from Keens 4 and 6, although most have been heavily modified and some are completely unrecognizable."

Later, he sent me a couple of screenshots, and a MIDI-mix with a cool rythm.
Here you may watch & listen for yourself:

Screenshot 1 :: Screenshot 2 :: Hillville Boogie

Yes, there are many others too, but we didn't really want to write down some half-true info about all those half-finished projects. As said above, please tell us if you know about a serious Keen game project!

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