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Here you can get all tools you need to modify Commander Keen, and some other progs that are useful for a Keener. :)

  • Commander Keen editing tools
  • Other Commander Keen tools
  • Some important tools

    Commander Keen editing tools:

    Best Keen editing tool ever made. You can edit Keen 1-3 tiles, sprites and some other pics with this. By adurdin. :)
    I think this is the best (I think) level editor made (for Keen 1-3 level editing). Also, by adurdin.
    You can use this program to edit all those 320 x 200 sized pics of Keen 1-3. :) This is too made by adurdin..
    A program you don't need anymore, but it was the start of modkeen once. Also by adurdin. And if I remember correct, modkeen was released something like a week after this one was.. :)
    CKPatch version 0.5.1 beta
    Tool that you can use to edit Keen's texts, change variables from the game and do all kinds of hacking/tweaking to the game if you can. By Admiral Bob.
    CKPatch version 0.9.0 beta
    The second version of CKPatch tool. This version has new commands, it's faster and better. By Admiral Bob.
    With this program you can edit the properties of the tiles in the tileset. :) Made by adurdin.
    Keen 1 random maze generator
    Just input some numbers and get a cool level! :) Made by Snaily.

    Other Commander Keen tools:

    Commander Keen: Vorticons savegame editor
    You can edit your Keen 1-3 savegames with this tool. :)
    Keen 1 Score and Keen 4 Save
    Two neat progs written by Justin. Includes source. :)
    SGA Converter 2.0
    You can make SGA signs and save them as pictures with this prog made by Scalloped Llama. :)

    Some important tools:

    Use this to decompress your Keen exe. This you really need this to get some progs work. I don't know who made it. :)
    If you want to take screens, use this. I don't know who has done it. :)

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