Wonderful, Fabulous, Non-Weather Related Links!!

Quest Ring

Quest of Commander Keen
QUE$T KING's Base of Operations.
The supreme site in this ring. Mu wa ha ha.

Poison Slugs, what can I say?
It's everything you wanted to know about Moo Slug Heads.

Made by me and some buddies.
One of this rings recommend sites-
a lot of work went into this one.

Commander Keen: Geologist
Not a very large page, took me only several
hours. Considering it's about rocks, it's pretty interesting.

The 2.5 cm Worm
A site for all those of you disturbed by the
metrically-challenged members of the video game

End of Quest Ring

Other Sites of interest

Cerebral Cortex 314
Made by Geoff Sims- EXTRAORDINARY site.
Is rightly advertised as the Web's #1 Keen site.
The down side is that the owner has abandoned Keen
and the site receives no more updates,
unlike our favorite Quest of Commander Keen!
(No bias whatsoever in that last comment.)

Bloogology 314
Incredibly original site, made by Thea Greagory.
Shows tons of creativity. The site that inspires
the Quest -ologies. Go there. Period.

Ilsoap's Page
OK, so this one isn't at all Keen-related. But it is
Ilsoap's page. Go sometime.